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SEEFOR 2 (1): 23-32
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15177/seefor.11-03  

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The Attitude Towards Hunting of the Local Population from Two Settlements in Suburb of Skopje, Macedonia

Goce Nikolovski 1*, Makedonka Stojanovska 2, Marina Miovska 2

1 PE MF department for hunting planning, Skopje, Macedonia
2 University St. “Kiril and Metodij”, Faculty of Forestry, Skopje, Macedonia

* Corresponding author: e-mail:  

NIKOLOVSKI G, STOJANOVSKA M, MIOVSKA M 2011 The Attitude Towards Hunting of the Local Population from Two Settlements in Suburb of Skopje, Macedonia. South-east Eur for 2 (1): 23-32. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15177/seefor.11-03 

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Background and Purpose: The object of this paper is to investigate what kinds of perception towards hunting the local non-hunters population from settlements of Dolno Lisice and Dracevo have, their attitudes towards hunting activities and moreover of hunting as an economic activity.
Material and Methods: Based on a survey method with using a questionnaire, the research is conducted between February 21st and 23rd, 2010 on the area of suburb of Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia. The analysis reveals public opinion, obtained from 67 interviewees, as a representing part of the investigated area. For this purpose a questionnaire with 11 questions is prepared and in order to be included biggest possible number of residents and to access bigger response, except door to door mail approach is used also. The gathered data are processed with manual recording obtaining quantitative data on the attitude of interviewees.
Results and Conclusion: Results reveal that most of the male population are going on hunting for benefit, unlike most women who hunt for sport and recreation. This analysis shows that hunting is quite widespread in this region and almost all respondents reported they know someone who is a hunter. Moreover in this case it is interesting that despite the big number of males of this region and female inhabitants as well have expressed desire to go on hunting.

Keywords: hunting, public opinion, public attitude towards hunting


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