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SEEFOR (June 2013), Vol 4 No 1 - Contents


VULETIĆ D, Editor-in-Chief
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Original scientific papers

Kovačević B, Miladinović D, Orlović S, Katanić M, Kebert M, Kovinčić J
Lead Tolerance and Accumulation in White Poplar Cultivated In Vitro
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Indir K, Marjanović H, Balenović I, Szirovicza L, Paladinić E, Vuletić D
Spatial Structure Indices of Mature Pedunculate Oak Stands in NW Croatia
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Preliminary communications

Tijardović M, Parviainen J, Perić S
Carbon Storage Potential of Forest Land: A Comparative Study of Cases
in Finland and Croatia

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Review papers

Pekeč S, Trudić B, Pilipović A
Variability of Water-Air Properties of Hydromorphic Soils
in Relation to the Granulometric Composition

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BlaZevska A, Stojanovska M
History of Forest Enterprise Management Development in Macedonia
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Professional papers

LukiĆ N
Urban Forests and Greening in the Republic of Serbia - Legal and Institutional Aspects
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