Dear readers,

Joyfully we announce that the second edition of SEEFOR journal has emerged! Five papers in this edition are bounded with concept familiar to all of us- the concept of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM). It is about taking care of ecological, economic and social aspects in forest management in order to maintain continuity of myriad of benefits forests provide to society. In a time when all scientific community is buzzing on climate change this is more salient than ever.

Assessment of SFM in Croatia is dealt with Lovrić et al. by using quantitative Criteria and Indicators brought by Forest Europe (previously MCPFE). Continuous measurement of forest stock, stand structure and like is important quantitative input for all further research on forests. Novotny et al. brings overview of forest measurement data in well-known protected area in Croatia and UNESCO heritage site- The Plitvice Lakes. How to maintain provision of forest services by using different payment mechanisms (i.e. green tax and carbon credits) is topic of two papers written by Nijnik et al. and Vuletić et al. These two papers were presented at the International Conference-Forum Emerging Economic Mechanisms: Implications for Forest-Related Policies and Sector Governance held in FAO, Rome on 5-7 October 2010, which together with Committee on Forestry Week gathered significant number of participants from all over the world. The last, but not the least, Kiš in paper on social conflicts between forestry and nature protection sector on Velebit Mountain in Croatia brings some results from his master theses. This study was included in regional study of forestry related conflicts in SEE region as a part of FOPER project (Forest Policy and Economics Education and Research).

Until next edition wish you a pleasant reading.

Dijana Vuletić, Editor-in-chief