Dear readers,

With great pleasure we announce that SEEFOR Journal, from this year, has been included in CAB Abstracts database. For us this is a great recognition and also big obligation to continue with committed and dedicated work.

This issue comprises of six interesting scientific and professional papers covering different aspects of forestry which, we hope, will occupy your interest. Success of forest owner’s organizations in North and Central Portugal and quantity of services which they provide are evaluated by Feliciano and Mendes. Savić et al. analyze competitiveness of Macedonian forest industry and factors that influences the creation and development of competitive advantages. Attitude towards hunting of the local population from two settlements of Skopje suburb is the topic of the paper written by Nikolovski et al. With research conducted by Nevenić et al. we continue to cover theme on conflicts in forestry sector started with Kiš in last issue. Nevenić et al. dealt with collision between forestry and environmental legislation; related institutions and organizations in the National Park ‘’Fruška gora’’.
Another paper of Serbian researchers emphasizes the importance of forest monitoring upon which are presented some indicators of beech forests vitality. And last presented research is coming from production side of forest bringing conversion coefficients for distilling wood in running standards and everyday practice which has been investigated by researches from Banja Luka (Ljubojević et al).

Variety of presented research topics indicate wideness and complexity of forest science and profession, which together have big responsibility for conservation, sustainable management and development of forests as most valuable renewable natural resource. United Nations has also pointed out importance of forests declaring this year, at Croatia’s proposal, as International Years of Forests. So we would like to add to the numerous different activities and discussion on the forests’ importance dedicating this issue to the same goal.

Enjoy reading,

Dijana Vuletić, Editor-in-chief